Aweh, first post, stoked, here we go… I’m a 30 something Dad & Husband, Cape Town local (531 represent).
There are 2 kids in this scenario (excluding me):

The Girl one is 4, and she rules the world, the world just didn’t get the memo.

The Boy one (yes, I call my kids this, no I am not aware of any psychological or emotional damage this will cause in future) has just turned 1. The dude is ball crazy, he spends his day chasing a football around the house, I sense this may be a good sign.

The magic glue that keeps us all together, my beloved, Management, or as society would have me call her, the wife.

We have 2 dogs, a super energized Collie who polices the cars up and down our street from inside the fence, and an overweight Jack Russell that spends her day hunting for scraps. Couldn’t understand what kept happening to the tomato’s we had growing in the garden, until I caught her., red pawed? We try to take the dogs with us when we go away, cause well, they are family bruh. The cats are usually just happy to have us out of the house, win win.


I live by one very simple motto, ‘Happy wife, happy life’ – Some smart dude.


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