Camping Vibes close to Cape Town

I love being outside, I love being barefoot, I love wearing shorts, making fires, taking pictures, this is my happy place.

With all the public holidays we have in the first half of the year, I thought it would be a great opportunity to get outdoors with the fam and spend some time unwinding under the stars.

We took a little drive up the N2 and made our way to the River Goose Camp Site, just outside of Bonnievale, took like, 2hrs or so. This awesome little spot, with its lush green grass and super chilled vibe, is situated right on the Breede River. Some of the camp sites are open and some sit under the overhang of massive Oaktrees, providing some much needed shade in the heat of the day.

The River from bank to bank is nice and open, about 50m across. There is an awesome rope swing tied up on the opposite bank, in full view of the campsite, Mom, don’t worry. Seriously though, there were more Dads using the rope swing if I’m honest, buggering around like, well, unsupervised kids… You can teach this masterfully crafted swing by using one of the small canoes tied up at the riverside, free, for anyone to use, just park it where you found it, and don’t sink it, easy.

Everyday the manager dude pulls in with his bakkie, parks, comes to say hi, offering bags of wood and some lighthearted conversation. Full on honesty system though, you tune him the next day how many bags you took and square up. Super chilled.

So the main attraction has to be The River Goose herself. She is this awesome wooden double decker boat, or pontoon, I dunno, she floats. Seriously cool though. The day we arrived, she was actually moored up on the bank, draped in flowers and decor, waiting for the Bride and Groom to say their ‘I do’s’ under her roof, while the rest of the campsite gathered in the distance to watch the magic unfold, dinner and a show, true story.

There is no power at the campsite, so make sure you have the essentials covered. Took the dogs along too, take them everywhere, they are chilled though, if your dogs aren’t chilled, don’t take them along, the place can get quite busy, with loads of kids charging around.
Here are a few of the other spots we chilled at this year.

If you’ve got any suggestions on where we should go next, let me know in the comments🤘🏼

3 thoughts on “Camping Vibes close to Cape Town

  1. Hey you should check out The Baths in Citrusdal – since its ‘wintery’ vibes now since as you know, getaways are just as needed as in summer 😉 I Used to go there as a kid every now and then and was always great.
    I’m not too sure if its still as good as then,I sure they have had a face lift on the buildings here and there but we always used to camp.. Its a Great setting in the Valley, hikes available and plenty chilling to be done in the natural heated spring water. Big ups on the blog, keep em coming Luke. Greetings from Germany.


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