The most helpless feeling in the world

Here it is, while the emotions are still fresh.

My boy was back in hospital. This was the 3rd time in his little life, all 14 months of it.

I won’t go into the details, but basically, his immune system isn’t developing very well. He will be OK.

I am overcome with this feeling of helplessness, I usually have all the answers, I am a problem solver by nature, but today there is nothing I can do to fix the situation. It’s out of my control, I have to put my trust in the professionals. I usually wear my heart on my sleeve, but I’ve got another little one to be mindful of. She is so perceptive, she picks up on everything. So, how do we cope with this, how do we as Dads, or any parent for that matter, deal with the emotional strain that this puts on the entire family?

I’m keeping the vibe positive at home with the girl one. We are camping out in the lounge in the fort we’ve built out of pillows and blankets. Tomorrow, I’ll take her out to do something fun, before going to tag the Mrs at the hospital to chill with my wee man.

My wife is so strong. She just takes it in her stride. Deals with it as it comes. She never gets worked up, bogged down or wrapped up in the emotion of it all. Calm as a Hindu Cow, no matter the situation.

Update: wee man is out of hospital and back at home with a fist full of meds. He’s not a happy camper, but he’ll be OK.

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