The truth about Nappies 

What do you mean you don’t change nappies bruh, it’s not 19voetsek, Dads can do stuff too now.

Something I never thought I’d enjoy doing, really really. My Grandfather, the great man that he was, bless him, never changed a nappy, not once is his life, ever. He was never expected too. I kind of feel sorry for him now though, he didn’t know what he was missing out on.

Yeah sure, there is a down side, I mean you are cleaning up poo, sticky, runny poo, from a little bum, it stinks, it will get on you fingers, in the beginning, ja, it gets graphic bruh. You’d be amazed at what I can achieve now though, with nothing but a single wet wipe, one hand, on the back seat of a moving car, cleaning bums for days bruh, true story.

But let me tell you what happens when that little human of yours, that you made, is fixated on you, and only you. You can feel them exploring your face with those little eyes, taking you in. You learn how to make them laugh, where they are ticklish, you bite their fat little legs, rub their feet on your beard, pinch bums, play peek a boo. It’s a beautiful thing. Magic, magic amongst the poo…

Your kids probably won’t remember, but you will👌🏼

So, if you never pass up an opportunity to change a nappy, you’ll never have to pass up the chance to have a beer with a mate, probably, I don’t know your wife, but the logic makes sense, sort of.

3 thoughts on “The truth about Nappies 

    1. I was at a park with the kids recently, this little girl went running up to her daddy and said, Daddy, I’ve made a poo. He promptly puts the kid down and tells his toddler, go and find Mommy, she must change you. Inspiration for post:)

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      1. Wow! That’s crazy! Perhaps you’ve misunderstood the situation and it was just the mother’s turn 😉


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