Something fishy at 2 Oceans Aquarium

I’ve lived in Cape Town all my life, in this time, I had never been to the 2 Oceans Aquarium. So thanks to Granny and her great ideas, we decided to take the whole family out for the day.

Like I said, I’d never been, I thought I knew what to expect, until I walked through the doors…

As you enter, you are greeted by a handful of little tanks, with a large, cylindrical centre piece. It all gets lost, when the kids notice the tank of ‘Nemo’s’ (Clown Fish). This super smart exhibit, has an awesome feature, its hollow in the middle. You can crawl through a little hatch, and poke your head into the little viewing pod, surrounded by the worlds most favorite fishy. There was a queue of about 10 minutes for the kids to pop in and have their chance, totally worth it though. We made the mistake of going on the morning of the last day of school holidays, the place was jam packed, but it cleared up after lunch.

Once you get through the flurry of excitement at the entrance, you move on through to where they keep the baby sharks, there was other cool stuff there too, but dude, baby sharks… No seriously, there really is so much to see, I will leave it for you to explore though.

Amongst the many main attractions, the penguins. These okes are a huge hit. The little exhibitionists, strutting around, owning the show. Kids spent quite a bit of time checking these dudes out.

We managed to get to the main tank just in time to see the Turtles being fed. Again, it was packed, and I’m pretty short, so I missed a lot of it, not phased, cause once the room cleared, we really had time to explore a bit more and get up close to the tank.

Lastly, the main attraction, the Ragged Tooth Sharks. There was this really well informed dude giving a talk, he had the attention of most of the audience, but the rest of us could only really focus on these amazing creatures, effortlessly gliding though the water, silent, calm, focused, aware. Absolutely blown away.

The venue has a smooth setup, you can basically follow the route, looping back round to the entrance. Its a long day for the little ones, you can get through comfortably in about 2 hours, but with older kids, you might want to break for lunch and come back in the afternoon, to do a bit more exploring. Tickets are a day pass, which means you can come and go as you please.

At R160 for adult & R75 for kids, it’s good value for money. Kids under 4 are free, stoke.

If you are like me, and you don’t dig the crowds, go mid week. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

One thought on “Something fishy at 2 Oceans Aquarium

  1. The Aquarium is a must. I must say I felt a bit anxious around sharks as I couldn’t stop imagining the tank breaking. It was totally the fault of the third installment of the Jaws series.

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