Camping essentials for first timers

Get outside, explore, sleep under the stars, its life changing.

We are so privileged here in Cape Town to have so much on offer within a few hours drive from the CBD. Close enough to get away for a weekend, or a mid week mission if your lifestyle allows it.

If you’re new to camping, or just looking for ideas, here is a list to get you started on the essentials.

  • A complete tent. Don’t borrow one from your mate that used it for the trance party season 6 years ago, he just needs to find it in his garage. It needs to be water proof, and complete, poles and all.
  • Sleeping bags & a mattress. Test the mattress beforehand, take an afternoon nap in the garden.
  • Braai essentials. The Braai, grill, tongs, fire lighters, matches & wood. Most spots have braai facilities, find out before hand.
  • Chairs, you need to be able to chill in your own chair. 
  • Paper plates, kitchen utensils, a sharp knife, a cutting board, a plastic salad bowl, rubbish bags.
  • Coffee, nobody should have to wake up without a cuppa. Cups, sugar, spoons, milk, water, a steel kettle (or pot to boil water).
  • Cooler box filled with ice (should last 2 days).
  • Cooler box filled with beers (should last 2 days).
  • Plan your meals.
  • Bug spray, anywhere near water in summer, there will be mosquitos bruh.
  • Cash, in case there is no card facilities at the Tannies padstal.
  • Shade, must have shade.
  • Toilet Paper, cause not all campsites have ablution facilities, and not all ablution facilities have TP.
  • Rake, not all campsites are lush green grass.
  • Camera, charge the batteries before hand.
  • Good vibes.


Once you’ve picked your spot, read through the website. There is usually some interesting need to know info, you’ll be glad you did.


Here are a few good spots to start off with:

 Got any hidden gems close to Cape Town? Let us know in the comments.

Get out there and explore.

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