Your kids will love Piekenierskloof 

The excitement of it all. Running wildly on the grass, that giggle as I push her higher on the swings, utter exhilaration, jumping, completely free, on the trampoline, splashing around in the pool, miles away with her imagination. She makes me smile.

We had a really hectic month. My boy had another bout of health complications (he’s recovered again). Everyone was, well, a bit tense. We needed to get away from the buzz of it all, unwind, a bit of down time with the family.

A short 150 km up the West Coast, on the N7, at the top of the Piekenierskloof pass, we arrived at Piekenierskloof Mountain Resort. The warm, friendly staff at reception tipped the mood in the right direction, We could relax.  

The Hotel and Chalets are on opposite ends of the resort, but no matter where you are, you have the most incredible, wide sweeping views. Get lost as you gaze down the valley at the town of Citrusdal in the distance.

The Chalets are very well kited out. Our unit could sleep 6 comfortably, with 2 en-suite bathrooms. Once we’d got the kids to bed, the wife and I got comfy next to the fire on the patio with a bottle of wine. 

The vibe is super chilled and very much geared towards being able to spend quality family time together. Be it releasing your inner child on the trampoline with the little ones, climbing one of the jungle gyms or playing in the heated, indoor or outdoor pools, there is something to keep you and your little ones occupied, while Mom enjoys a bit of well deserved relaxation in the Spa. At no point did I feel like the kids were out of place or getting under anyone’s feet. They where chilled, I was chilled, the wife was chilled, the beer was chilled.

Grab a bite at the restaurant, while you watch the kids do their thing in the playground. Go zip lining, spend an afternoon hiking, mountain biking, try your hand at target shooting, or just chill out poolside. This place is awesome. We only spent 2 nights here, but we could easily have stayed the week, there is that much to do. We will definitely be going back again to explore the rest of Piekenierskloof.

West Coast Way have placed Piekenierskloof on their Berg & Wild Routes. Go and have a look at what else they have on offer up the West Coast.

Piekenierskloof is part of the Dream Hotels & Resort family.

Contact info:


Tel: 022 921 3574

Facebook: Piekenierskloof Mountain Resort

Instagram: piekenierskloof_resort

Twitter: @piekenierskloof

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